Blue Thunder Marching Band Animation

During the summer of 2021, the GIMMWorks Student Development Team was commissioned by the Blue Thunder Marching Band to create an animation that would accompany one of their new compositions. I was part of the seven-person team that worked on the project for a little over six weeks. Due to the limited size of the team, I was able to contribute to multiple parts of the animation process, including storyboarding, rough animation, finalized animation, and coloring. The completed animation was shown at two half-time performances in Albertsons Stadium.

Shot 2 Colored Animation
Shot 2 Polished Animation
Shot 2 Rough Animation
Shot 3 Colored Animation
Shot 3 Polished Animation
Shot 3 Rough Animation
Shot 5 Polished Animation
Shot 2 Background
Shot 23 Background

Concept Art

Shot 8 Storyboard
Final Shot Storyboard
Final Shot Background Concept
Cart Reference Sheet